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"Polaris" is a fictional fantasy world. For other uses see Wikipedia Article Polaris (disambiguation).

"The morning mists covered the land, the hundreds of broken spears looking like a forest on the hills of battle. It was the third dawn since the conflict began, but all that could be heard was the tattered flags flapping in the cool breeze. Countless bodies lay strewn over the landscape as far as the eye could see, all dead.

Eron and his company arrived too late. They had ridden all night to aid the war efforts, but now they saw a desolate scene before them. Who had won the battle? The soldiers dismounted and began searching through the debris and carnage for any survivors.

As the sun rose and the fog began to disappear, they saw him. A lone figure was walking towards them. Behind him lay a pile of bodies as tall as he was, and impaled through the bodies was a large ripped banner, bearing the emblem of the Jorei people.

When they got closer, they could recognise that it was Fynyr. his face was downcast, and he clung to a deep gash down his left shoulder. His body was covered in blood, smoke and dirt. Eron called out to him, but he didn't reply. He just staggered on towards them.

They went up to Fynyr, asking about what had happened, but Fynyr's deranged and lost answers gave them no insight. His eyes were glazed over and he walked as in a trance like a crazed man.

'My God man, can you just tell us who won here?', shouted Eron. He was angry now and his voice didn't hide it.

After a moment, Fynyr formed a reply. 'We won, they lost. This land belongs to Jorei, but why anyone would want this wasteland now, is beyond my guess. There is nothing left; no villages, no outposts, no life.'

And with that, Fynyr said nothing more but continued stumbling on past them away from the fields of battle, not to be seen again for a decade."

This is a site where various fantasy civilisations are being built into one culture-rich fictional world, called Polaris. It is intended that these civilisations become the basis for some novels and computer games.

Long ago, there were seven tribes, wich each tribe devoted to a particular virtue of Daioth. But as the tribes grew, these virtues either turned sour in their people's hearts, or the people forsook all else for their virtue. But now in the fourth age, few still know this, as much of this was forgotten long ago. They are little more than nations of war, stuck in endless contention and struggles.

As time passed, tribes joined together, and tribes split apart. Many societies no longer know the virtue to which they belonged. Only the Empire of Saeoth remembers its heritage as the tribe of wisdom. Other tribes, such as the tribe of power broke into so many factions that now their descendants fight with their own brothers. And other tribes have disappeared from the rest of civilization, maybe dying out in the wilderness or hiding their armies for the right moment to emerge again.

Over the long ages the lands have been shaped and mishaped by warriors, mages, diplomats and tyrants. And throughout the struggles, hope continues to emerge. But what does the future hold for these nations? Treaties and Peace? Or Shadows and Death? In a world where the determination of a single individual can change the fate of a nation, anything is possible.

Sounds interesting? Start following the links below for detailed information on each nation, with information about culture revolving around these civilizations. Have ideas for story/culture development? Why not join us inside the forum and have a chat with the writers, or enquire about stuff you want to know more about.

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